Are you a Distibutor looking for something different? Do you want to offer your customers a complete and new range of product?

Maybe DolceVita is the answer to your question. We are not just coffee capsules producer. We believe capsules can be filled with whatever people love drinking during their relaxing moments. Thanks to our experience and our know-how we offer a wide range of instant drinks in the most popular capsule systems.

Dolcevita keypoints and advantages

An exclusive brand, at your service!

DolceVita could be the secret recipe for growing your turnover: many exclusive products to win over your customers, without the constraints of a franchise.

The best products, at the best price

With DolceVita you have a large catalog of capsules and pods, with unique references that include coffee, tea, herbal teas and much more. All at affordable prices, with discounts and promotions to support your business.

Stock of stock always available and fast in order management.

We have merchandise ready for shipment to facilitate delivery timing and allow you to focus on what matters most: the success of your business !


Dolce Vita is dedicated to professionals, we do not sell directly to customers: that’s your business. We produce, you sell!

We believe that success of a brand is closely linked to the success of the Distributor: knowing that we decided not to offer our products directly to customers and focus on distributors in order to create a strong and long-lasting relationship with our partners.

DolceVita protect your business: we produce, you sell!

We believe that your competence, your professionalism and your time are the best business card for our products, for this reason we want to protect you and ensure an economic return that lives up to your commitment.

We will take care of promoting the brand, you have the task of enticing your customers with the unique taste of DolceVita products.

DolceVita believes in your business: we promote, you sell!

Everything you need to satisfy your customer’s needs!

After years of careful studies and focus on market trends we developed for you over 30 different delicious and innovative capsule drinks: not just a few coffee references (like major competitors do), but dozens of instant drinks & herbal teas, teas, flaovered cappuccinos, chocolates and much more.

The DolceVita offer is amazing and specially designed for all needs: greedy tastes (such as the Macaron-flavored drink or the Pistachio-flavored one), but also low-calorie products (Wellness line), specific drinks for children (Kids line) or natural ones for lovers of Herbal-teas and Infusions (Relax line) and all that is really compatible with the most common home & office use coffee machines. Furthermore, to protect your earnings, we offer you low prices, as well as targeted offers, promotions and also Limited Editions (Summer and Winter boxes) to win over and pleasantly surprise your customers.

Are you looking for an attentive and punctual partner, ready to surprise you with innovation and service?

We believe you just found it. Trust us! We are here to bet on your success!

DolceVita: an explosion of taste and flavors!

There are great opportunities for your business, it's time to “TASTE” them!

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