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For lovers of traditional tea DolceVita offers Espresso Point® capsules in a delicious and nutritious format to which it is impossible to say no. Espresso Point® is the very popular coffee machine designed to offer drinks like those of the bar in a matter of seconds.

The captivating design and concentrated power make Espresso Point® one of the most popular coffee machines in Italian homes. This is why at Dolce Vita we have decided to create our version of Espresso Point® compatible capsules for tea lovers, offering all the guarantees and the quality of the raw materials that distinguish our brand.

In addition to the refinement of the ingredients in Dolce Vita we always guarantee vegan, natural and sucrose-free capsules. The version of Espresso Point® compatible capsules for you is always free of lactose and gluten and, therefore, suitable for all palates, without exception!