Delivery and minimum order

Shipping is always free.

Minimum order 300 € + VAT.

Shipping and receiving of goods

The preparation of the shipment for "Seller" customers takes place as soon as we have confirmation of payment. It is not necessary to wait for the confirmation of the order which is understood to be confirmed at the time of payment. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO REQUEST THE CHANGE OF THE ORDER ONCE THE PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE FROM THE MOMENT THAT THE TAX DOCUMENTS ARE AUTOMATICALLY ISSUED. Shipping time depends on distances and eventual borders controls.

For "Vendor" customers, on the other hand, order confirmation is required after checking availability. The shipment in these cases takes place about 24 / 48h from the confirmation of availability. Depending on stock availability and the size of the order, the completion of the shipment could take up to 15 days.


It is possible that the delivery is delayed, especially during the holidays (August and Christmas period) however the presumed delivery date is always communicated to the customer by e-mail. During the summer and Christmas period it is advisable to contact our assistance for further information before placing your order.

Return of goods

If delivery is not possible, the carrier leaves a notice of passage and a new passage is agreed with the customer. It is advisable to communicate any delivery notes to our assistance who will enter the information in the management system shared with the logistics (closing day, ZTL area, ...)

Delivery to the floor

Delivery to the floor is not available.

Delivery in specific time slots

In the event that delivery is required at specified times, it is possible to request it in the cart notes, before concluding the order and we will notify the courier who will contact the customer to define the possible time slot.

Tracking infos

At the time of departure of the order (order processed and invoiced by the carrier) the courier informs the customer by e-mail that the shipment has been taken over and informs about the estimated delivery date.