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DolceVita herbal tea capsules are compatible with the Espresso Point® machine. The machine has become popular thanks to its compact and design format designed to enrich kitchens, living rooms and relaxation corners in offices or workplaces.

The capsules are designed to offer a sweet moment of relaxation while always keeping an eye on health. In fact, our herbal teas are 100% natural and sugar-free but the fruity flavor in the variants based on red fruits and chamomile is so rich that it always leaves the palate satisfied.

Furthermore, our capsules for herbal teas compatible with Espresso Point® are designed to delight all customers and, therefore, are vegan, caffeine-free as well as gluten and lactose-free. Treating yourself to a moment of relaxation in the company of an express hot herbal tea is ideal for facing the cold season and regenerating the body.

And that is why the DolceVita herbal tea capsules compatible with Espresso Point® are the healthy choice to awaken the body in the morning or prepare for rest after dinner.