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DolceVita coffee capsules are compatible with the Espresso Point® machine, which bears the signature of Espresso. This machine is among the most popular thanks to its compact design designed to enrich all home and work environments.

Our Espresso Point® compatible coffee capsules are formulated to offer a sweet moment of relaxation with an eye to the health of our consumers. This is why all the raw materials with which they are prepared are 100% natural and sugar-free.

Furthermore, our capsules compatible with Espresso Point are designed to delight all customers and, therefore, are vegan, as well as gluten and lactose free. Allowing yourself a moment of relaxation with a good espresso is the daily pampering that can never be missed, especially when the days seem endless.

This is why Dolce Vita's Espresso Point® compatible coffee capsules are the healthy choice to awaken the body in the morning or take a break in the mid-afternoon.