Offer Ground Coffee


DolceVita ground coffee for moka is one of the products that are never missing in every pantry, especially in those homes where it is always a good time to pour a hot coffee into a cup.

You can find it in Intense, Great Taste and Decaffeinated flavors, three rigorously selected blends from the best African, Asian and Central American crops. The intense version is obtained from a separate roasting of Robusta and Arabica processed at low temperature to maintain the biscuit, sweet and persistent aroma and taste unaltered.

The Gran Gusto version, on the other hand, is full-bodied and aromatic with delicious fruity and floral notes deriving from the first choice Arabica with which it is prepared. It is full-bodied and creamy in the cup and is the ideal choice for those who love tasty coffee with a delicate aftertaste.

Finally, the decaffeinated version offers all the flavor of real espresso in mocha obtained from the perfect balance between body and variety of coffee to obtain creaminess and sweetness in the cup but without caffeine.