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Hot tea is known all over the world as the drink that regenerates the spirit and strengthens the mind giving it the necessary sprint to face a new challenge. We can define it as a small sin of gluttony but without "sin" precisely because it is a sugar and calorie-free snack which, however, fills the stomach and instills a very pleasant sense of warmth and fulfillment.

That is why we have listened to the opinions and tastes of hundreds of people who have awarded the Nespresso® espresso machine as the best ever by offering our exclusive tea line.

We are proud to introduce you to our teas in Nespresso® compatible capsules, always vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free and sucrose-free. An exclusive selection made using the finest and most refined ingredients which, when in contact with boiling water, emanate delicious and intriguing scents into the air.